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Fake Whitefriars Vases

Drunken Bricklayers
How to identify a real one from a fake.

Recently there have been lots of fake "Drunken Bricklayer (Pattern Number 9673) appearing on the market. Designed in 1967 by the Late Great Geoffrey Baxter.
These fall into two categories,

The first being honest copies.
Key Identifier: Non standard colours, very heavy as all full lead glass , marked JA on bottom, genuine dimple layout.

The second is down right FAKE
Key Identifier: Heavy, lopsided bottom, standard fake dimple pattern (see fig.1), green too dark for meadow green, no polished pontil appearing to be moulded (see fig.2)

fig.1 (highlighted in talc for clarity)

fake Pontil
fig.2 (moulded pontil)

fake Pontil
More Fakes Royal Blue, Golden 
Amber and Meadow Green

Fake Flint
Fake Meadow Green
J Anderson Copy Pink

Hooped Vases
Please follow this thread

Information about fake onion vases will follow shortly

Disclaimer. Please note: This is just a guideline, forgers may in the future make better copies this guide will then need updating!

Thanks to Emmi Smith, Patrick Hogan, Peter McCarthy, JOHN T-C



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