Whitefriars Glass General information. Although having advertised as Whitefriars, 300 Years of Glass making. Records actually date back to 1720, for a small glassworks off Fleet Street, London. The factory really came into its own when James Powell a London wine merchant and entrepreneur, purchased the factory in 1834, the idea was to give his three sons a viable occupation. The Powells were related to Baden Powell, the Scout Movement founder. The Powells were initially ignorant of the art of glass making, but by necessity soon acquired the skills needed and adapted and improved upon the new technologies of the industrial revolution. A large portion of their production during this early period was the manufacture of church stained glass windows, they invented and patented processes of manufacturing, the sections of glass or "quarries" this innovation set them up as leaders in the field when hundreds of new Victorian churches were being built across the country and indeed the world. During the later portion of the 19th century the Powells became closely associated with leading architects and designers notably T G Jackson, Edward Burne Jones, William De Morgan and James Doyle. Not to mention Philip Webb that designed glass for William Morris and was manufactured by Whitefriars. By the late 1850s the firm's attention now begins to include designs and production of domestic table glass after manufacturing glass for William Morris's revolutionary Red House.
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Whitefriars Glass Articles and Features
Whitefriars History
Whitefriars a Brief History    
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Whitefriars Catalogues    
Searchable Whitefriars Glass Catalogues.
Ranging from 1931 to 1980.
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Stained Glass Video
Stained Glass Windows Video    
A fascinating video about the Stained Glass of James Powell and Sons ,Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kansas City, USA.
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Mistaken Identities  
There are many Whitefriars lookalikes and many dealers use Whitefriars as a generic term for unmarked glassware. This feature shows some of the commonly misidentified items.
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Provides galleries for Whitefriars glass from other whitefriars collectors
Members Galleries  
Hundred of pictures of Whitefriars Glass that our members have uploaded for your pleasure , Now you can add comments to each upload!
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Unpublished Photos from the Museum of London
Unpublished Photographs  
Take a look at some previously unpublished photos from the Museum of London Archive.
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Provides information on how to care for your Whitefriars Glass
Care of Glass  
John gives some tips and tricks to keep your glass in pristine condition. From washing your glass to removing stuck decanter stoppers.
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How to pack glass for safe shipping
How to Pack Glass for Safe Shipping  
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Provides information about labels on whitefriars Glass
Whitefriars Labels  
In this article we take a look at the labels that the factory used on it's glass over the years.
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